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Karen Bexfield holds a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the Medical College of Virginia.  Her work in glass compliments her practice as a manual physical therapist as both are cerebral, intuitive, and tactile. An Albuquerque resident, Karen started working in glass in 2003, drawn toward its myriad challenges. She likes to experiment and push the limits of the material, focusing on controlling the variables that influence the movement of glass. Through the manipulation of heat and mass, she creates kiln-formed glass sculptures that mirror the organic patterns of nature. Her work explores the relationship between positive and negative space, light and shadow, and the poetic balance they create.  Karen’s work is exhibited in public and private collections, and has been featured in museum and gallery exhibitions across the United States.  She was honored as a finalist in consecutive e-merge exhibitions and has won two NICHE Awards.  Recently her sculptures have been exhibited at SOFA Chicago, CONTEXT Art Miami, Art Palm Springs, and Art New York.  Karen’s art has been influenced by the many teachers she has studied with and the experiences she garnered in the Professional Artist in Residence (PAIRS) and Bullseye Artist in Residence programs.  Outside of the studio, Karen seeks experiences that satisfy her desire to explore, to understand, to know.  She enjoys the serenity of nature, from the physicality of the terrain to the various layers of life.  Karen’s curiosity has taken her to many parts of the world, including Egypt, Morocco, Tanzania, South Africa, Costa Rica, Bhutan, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.  Her desire to encounter the unknown—in nature and in faraway lands—fuels both her art and her approach to life.

On my studio wall is the quote, "Satisfaction of ones curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life." Presently I am exploring the limits of glass movement by subtly influencing the variables of mass, heat, and time. Within me, my artwork evokes a sense of tranquility, a reflection of nature's organic patterns: a balance of simple geometry and pure chance. My sculptures delicate in appearance but strong in form capture life's spontaneity. The interplay of color, shape, and movement speaks to the raw yet purposeful unpredictability of nature, while the weaving of light casts shadows that intrigue, creating art within art.



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